Payroll calculations and employees taxes at Leinonen Estonia 

Payroll management can be integrated to your accounting services or stand alone as a separate service. Moreover, we are able to calculate salaries for any company, whether they employ only a handful of employees or  thousands.

Our payroll services consist of :

  • Maintaining of employee's files and monthly data
  • Basic salary and  sales bonus calculations
  • Other bonuses and contributions calculations
  • Vacations and unused vacations calculations
  • Sick leave calculations and compensations, sick list shipments
  • Maternity/paternity leave record keeping
  • Resignation settlements and final salary calculations
  • Social and income tax calculations and declarations
  • Travel expense calculations
  • Preparation and sending of pay slips
  • Salary, compensations and tax payments
  • Employees movement report.

Leinonen Estonia - High Quality Accounting & Professional Advisory

We are serving an increasing number of international companies in Estonia

Proper accounting practices and good advice help your company be successful and safe from any unpleasant surprises. No matter whether you are an international company or a local one-man firm, we would like to work with you. Every client is important to us, regardless of size, turnover or sphere of activity of the client’s business. 

We join the cumulative knowledge of 40 well trained and experienced specialists to offer you solutions for all kinds of financial matters. We have liability insurance that safeguards our clients.

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Advisory Unit team of Leinonen introduced Estonian tax system in Kiev

We are ISO 9001 Certified Partner

Leinonen Estonia  has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certificate
of quality by Bureau Veritas. This certificate assures high quality standards of accounting services and customer
service that we are meeting in our activities. Read more.

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Latest news

The amount of data entered in the employment register increases – does it also mean the increase of administrative burden for businesses? Nov 07

The draft for the „amendment of Taxation Act and other connected acts“ has passed it’s first reading in the Parliament. Among other things, it’s purpose is to enhance the employment register.